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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quotable Quotes Quotes

v The first chapter of success is discipline.

v Great schools are not made by great buildings but by great teachers.

v A reader today is a leader tomorrow.

v The greatest mistake is cause by impatience of people.

v Never lost hope, it is not over until it is all over.

v Say less than you know.

v Life is a teacher the more live the more you learn.

v Intuition may be right but not as your initiative.

v Procrastination is a grave where opportunities are buried.

v To be born into a poor family is not a disgrace but is a problem when solution is not being found to it in the future.

v Success comes to the man who does today what other are thinking of doing tomorrow.

v Never trouble until trouble troubles you.

v Your problem today is your promotion tomorrow.

v The most pathetic person is he/she who has sight but have no vision.

v To succeed in originality is better than to succeed in imitation.

v You cannot claim to have acquired any academic success or excellence does not justify what is boldly written on your certificate.

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